Being born and raised in South Florida is a rare thing to come across, at least in the eyes of most residents due to the high amount of people relocating from the harsh winters of the rest of the United States. The common phrase heard from locals is "we live where you vacation.". Yet when talking to someone not familiar with the area the common denominator of information consists of all the crazy stories that make it to the news, the heat (not the basketball team), and the idea that we are living in a swamp filled with gators, snakes, and mosquitos. Ok the mosquitos are real, yes a man high on "bath salts" ate a man's face, and yes there are numerous headlines pertaining the unconstitutional treatment of farm animals, but in all fairness, most of the weird stuff that happens is Northern Florida and thats basically a totally different state. 

This is why I started this blog to prove to the naysayers that theres a reason why herds of people flock to our beaches (even the bad ones), clog up traffic, and take horrible pictures to brag to all their friends freezing their asses off back in whatever arctic climate they hail from. #FLORIDADOESNTSUCK As a Film and Multimedia major, alongside being an avid photographer for leisure and commission, my love for new surroundings brings me to a multitude of amazing locations. My goal is to document these places and things and show why its great to call South Florida home.

To help keep track of all the amazing places and views this tri-county has to offer besides posting to this site, I created an instagram that Anthony J. Rayburn, and myself will post to @FLORIDADOESNTSUCK and encourage you to post and tag us to promote this great place we can enjoy year round (minus those awful summers). Also if you have a place you think needs to be explored send them our way!